Slips and Falls

We have all heard of someone falling on another person’s property for various reasons such as ice, snow, broken sidewalk, or a raised curb. This could have happened to you or a family member. These injuries can often be severe enough to result in surgery, causing you to be out of commission for a long period of time. Most insurance companies hold the perspective that these claims are not worth anything more than nuisance value and even blame you for falling. As a result, you are left with the medical bills, copay and deductibles, and lost wages that need to be covered.

My law firm handles these slip and fall cases when other law firms are likely to shy away. Despite the fact that these cases are not easy, we investigate the claims to determine if the landowner could have prevented the fall or may have been aware of the dangerous condition and neglected to do anything about the situation. The insurance companies often have information in their file that they will not share with you. Also, the insurance policy of the landowner may have MedPay coverage to pay the medical bills or medical liens.

It is important to contact an attorney immediately because the condition responsible for your injury may dissipate or be corrected, which can make pursuing a claim more difficult.

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