Injuries To Children

Injuries to children can have devastating long-term consequences. What appears to be simply a broken bone can fracture in a growth plate and affect the proper development of that bone. Injuries to the child’s head can have sustaining repercussions for a child’s performance in school and other extracurricular activities. Children cannot always communicate their problems or describe their symptoms clearly. The responsibility falls on the parent to get them the proper care and to get in touch with an attorney. You owe it to your child and their future.

My law firm has handled many claims for children, including a small child who fractured his jaw in a fall from a swing set, a small child who log his leg in a tractor accident, a young girl scalded by a household appliance, a young girl who sustained facial lacerations from an aquarium accident, and numerous broken bone injuries. Children can be injured in many ways and can at times be very fragile.

You should look for an attorney familiar with handling cases for children and the unique issues these cases present.

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