Brain Injuries

TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES can often go undetected for weeks or months, and may result in devastating losses on the part of the injured person, both physically and economically. A traumatic brain injury can occur when the head violently strikes an object or is violently thrown back and forth causing the brain to strike the inside of the skull. The person experiencing such trauma can remain conscious or lose consciousness for a few brief seconds or minutes.

There are many symptoms of a mild or moderate brain injury that often go undetected or undiagnosed by the emergency room. The wide range of symptoms can become apparent over the next several days, weeks, or even months. Although there may not be treatment to reverse the brain injury, prompt medical treatment can stabilize the injured person, prevent further injury from occurring, and help one deal with the residual effects of the injury.

My law firm has experience handling traumatic brain injury cases. Some of these cases have included injured persons who experienced little or no loss of consciousness while others have resulted in a comatose state. Since there is a wide range of symptoms experienced, it is recommended that a person who has a traumatic brain injury consult a medical professional and seek medical attention for the brain injury as soon as possible.

Some common symptoms of a traumatic brain injury include: headache, depression, loss of sleep, fatigue, confusion, and/or lightheadedness. Consequently, these symptoms can lead to a job loss or failing grades in school. It is important for you, and for us, to recognize the symptoms in order to ensure that you seek the necessary medical attention to potentially reduce or alleviate these symptoms before they have a chance to further negatively affect aspects of your life. The value of your potential claim can be greatly affected by the diagnosis and treatment for the traumatic brain injury.

My law firm has the experience to handle your claim. Mr. Caputo has achieved a 1.8 million dollar settlement for a young woman who suffered from a personality change as a result from her involvement in a car accident In addition, he obtained 1.85 million dollar settlement for a man who sustained a head injury without any documented loss of consciousness.

It can even disrupt sleep, which is usually in short supply among teens
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