Auto Accidents

Automobile accidents happen very often, but may only happen to you once in your lifetime. You may feel that you can handle your own claim with the insurance adjuster. However, in the changing times, you need someone with experience at your side to be your ally in handling your claim. This is important in order to assure that your rights are protected and the proper value is placed on your claim. You cannot rely on your insurance advisor to inform you of all of your rights or to treat you fairly.

The laws in the Commonwealth continually change. These laws may affect the damages you are able to recover, which medical and workers compensation liens are to be repaid, and the coverage and benefits available to you. The Pennsylvania Appellate Courts have been taking a more restrictive view regarding the types of insurance coverage you can access in an accident and what benefits are available under any applicable policies. The insurance adjuster is only concerned about their policy and protecting their company. They will not and cannot advise you as to what other coverage or benefits are available to you or about the process in obtaining those benefits. The insurance advisor will also neglect to inform you that your circumstances may cause you to need to pay Highmarker, Aetna, Healthcare, etc. for the medical bills they paid on your behalf. This can result in you paying your entire settlement over to a third party.

My law firm handles many claims for injured persons. In my experience, I have seen that no two claims are exactly the same; each has its unique issues and twists and turns. Our firm is able to recognize these issues and react to them in a manner that maximizes your recovery. We deal with adjusters and liens almost daily and stay on top of the law to ensure that you get nothing but the best representation.

Auto accidents can cause lost time from work and may leave medical bills unpaid. We work with you to get those medical bills paid and get you the compensation for the time you missed from work. Do not wait to consult a knowledgeable and skilled attorney in handling these types of claims.

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